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In 2008, President Obama vowed to get new health care coverage for the uninsured when he ran for president.  
Unfortunately, he abandoned promises to allow imported prescription drugs from Canada.  That would have given
Medicare more power to negotiate for cheaper prescription drugs, and also to prevent drug companies from
blocking generic drugs.  The New Health Care Act that he was able to pass does put consumers back in charge of
their health care.  Under the new law, it gives the American people the stability and flexibility they need to make
informed choices about their new health care choices.  Under the new health care, you can receive recommended
preventive health care services at NO cost.  You can choose your own doctor from a list and go to any hospital in an
emergency situation.  New Healthcare plans do not have any lifetime limits.  Any increases n your premium, your
provider must first give you a reason for the increase.  The new healthcare medical plan will expand insurance
coverage to more Americans while also tightening the reins on medical inflation.  The new health care reform
measure will insure 32 million more people by 2019.  The Congressional Budget Office estimates the expansion of
coverage could cost the government an extra $172 billion or about $5,375 per each newly insured person.  Most of
that spending is the result of a boost in eligibility for Medicaid and its subsidies to help families comply with the new
mandate to buy coverage if they don't have it.